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Marketing Workshop

A marketing workshop developed just for you

One-on-one marketing workshops, tailored to meet your marketing goals.​

Marketing is an essential part of any business and sometimes we find ourselves carrying out marketing activities with no real strategy or plan in place.


Applied in this manor you can certainly tick off a task on the to-do list but you also risk damaging your brand if carried out incorrectly.

This is where our marketing workshop comes into play! We want to help you solve as many of your marketing challenges as we can within the workshop.


You will get a flavour of how the big and small brands navigate their marketing strategies along with access to the right tools, knowledge and expertise.


We’re here to support you on your marketing journey to formulate the best strategy for your business.

Is this marketing workshop suitable for me?

Do these questions sound familiar?


  • How do I create a marketing strategy?

  • How do I achieve my marketing goals?

  • How do I take my marketing to the next level?

If you answered yes, then you’re in the right place.

Our marketing workshops are designed with small to medium sized businesses in mind looking to upgrade their marketing activity. 

Led by our experienced Marketing Consultants, they have a wealth of knowledge and expertise between them, so you can be assured that you’ll be safe hands.

Online Tutoring



You know your business better than anyone. You’re the perfect person to tell us all about your brand and what makes you unique in the industry. Using this information we can support you to review and improve your existing business proposition.

We’ll help you write a statement that bridges the gap between the benefits a customer receives and the product or service you offer.  



Understanding who you are targeting is an important cornerstone for all good marketing strategies. Big brands spend years continuously analysing their consumer data, website analytics and in-house research to build an accurate picture of their target audience. 

For our workshop we’ll use data from your social profiles to give you a glimpse of your current audience and see how that matches with your preferred target market. 



What do you want to be famous for? We’ll help you identify your brands top strategic pillars. They’re like your brand anchors and help you stick to your purpose, values, tone of voice, and business positioning. 

Before the workshop, we will select 4-5 strategic pillars we think represent your brand. During the workshop we’ll work together to redefine these and suggest ways you can incorporate them into your wider marketing activities to achieve your goals.

What does the marketing workshop include?

828x300px web image.png



A comprehensive competitive market review can take several weeks to complete when performed correctly. It’s a great way to find and compare key market metrics that help identify differences between your products and services and those of your competitors. 

In our workshop we’ll select 4-5 brands you’re directly and indirectly in competition with and do a top line review. It will be a good chance to compare your brand proposition, offering and marketing activity against the competition to see how you fair and if there is any room for improvement. 



A social media audit can be a timely and tedious process to perform but it’s a great way to assess your online activity. Larger brands invest money into an audit that will help measure the results of their social media activities, discover the strengths and weaknesses, and implement necessary changes to their social media marketing strategy.

If we are granted access to your social profiles we can identify and track the metrics that enable you to measure your reach and ROI. Performing an audit on your social profiles will provide an insight into what’s working and what is not. These gaps will enable us to help create a plan for your social media activity.  



We’ll take you through the different ways to identify your customer personas depending on your budget and resources. 

When you have the resources, your customer personas should be built on data and insights. Speaking directly with your customers, understanding their demographics in addition to their behaviour preference and influences. 

You can also use 3rd party data to create your customer personas. Ideally you would use an online platform like Survey Money to give you a flavour of their demographics, and if you have access, view the behavioural data too. 

In our workshop we’ll explain these methods and provide you with a free downloadable template to help you get into the mind-set of your customers to build a better picture of them.

Workshop format and size

Our workshops take place either in person or online and last up to 2-3 hours depending on your requirements. We encourage the participation of our clients as this is not presentation but rather a two-way conversation. You will learn the basics required to elevate your marketing activities and achieve your desired marketing goals whilst learning from our knowledgeable consultants.  

We’re experts in the hospitality industry and you’re the expert in your business; let’s work together to make this workshop a valuable experience. 


Our workshops are priced at £350 with the potential for a discount on single unit businesses.
Get in touch today with us with your requirements and we can provide a bespoke quote

Ultimately the marketing workshop will give you confidence, knowledge and tools to combat your marketing needs. We also offer monthly one-on-one 30 minute consultations to check in on your progress and offer any additional support you may need.

Get in touch with us today. Call us on 0330 133 4459 or enquire below. 

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