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  • Anisha Dayalji

The countdown is on, is your hotel ready for Black Friday?

If you’re looking to drive the number of nights, room bookings, or amount of revenue before Christmas, Black Friday could be the answer.

A trend in recent years has shown that customers are starting their Christmas shop early. They want to spread their costs and bag a bargain in case prices rise later. According to research by Salesforce, 42% of shopper’s plan on buying gifts earlier this year due to inflation.

This year Black Friday will take place on Friday 25th November. Here are some marketing tactics you can implement into your hotel’s campaign to boost your sales before the end of the year.

Create a sense of urgency with a countdown

An effective way to improve conversion rates is to prompt the customer to complete their booking in the moment, rather than taking the risk of missing out on the offer.

If your Black Friday promotion runs into the weekend, create a sense of urgency with a countdown timer added to a layer of your website. It could be a banner at the top of the page or a pop up window when they enter the site.

The visual cue will prompt visitors to act now and show that the Black Friday deals are time-sensitive.

Promote your gift vouchers

An online gift card selling system is a great way for hospitality businesses to take advantage of the increased web traffic that a Black Friday sale can bring.

They’re pretty simple to set up and can be added as a micro-site to handle the gift card transactions.

A key advantage is that they’re contactless, easy to dispatch and a great way to grow your email database

Reward your loyal guests

Did you know, returning customers tend to spend 10 times more than new customers?!

To reward their loyalty, offer them early access to your Black Friday deals. Customers love to feel special and treated for their commitment to your brand.

This will also help you get ahead of the competition and bring in additional sales for the hotel.

Remember your mobile shoppers too

How many times have you researched a purchase on your mobile before making the final decision? A great deal we suspect.

Customers today rely heavily on their phones because of the convenience it provides. To make the journey easy for mobile users, highlight your Black Friday offers as soon they access the site or app.

Try reducing the amount of steps it takes to make a booking to help with mobile conversions.

You could automatically add the promo code in the booking engine or have a pop up box appear on the booking page with the code.

Implementing these marketing tactics into your Black Friday campaign will help increase traffic to your website, grow your direct sales, retain existing customers and capture new ones too.

However, it’s also important to review the campaign once it has ended. Were you able to drive room nights, bookings and revenue? Did you achieve the campaign goals? What can you improve on for the next campaign?

These insights will be key for building your next marketing plan and future campaigns.

If you’re looking for support or advice with your hotel’s Black Friday marketing campaign, contact our team today.

Call 0330 133 4459 or email the team at

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