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  • Claire Rowland

The Thing With Marketing...

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

Marketing can be fluffy, pretty pictures and art,

It’s all about twitter and trying to look smart.

Tone of voice, brand pillars, rules galore,

Budgeting’s always scary and affiliates want more.

The sales teams are happy, with their branded sweets.

The social media team are up all night monitoring their tweets.

The marketing team is busy, with fingers in every pie,

They “Champion The Customer”... what do you mean they've booked McFly?!

Sometimes it’s too crazy, too corporate, too out of date,

Everyone has an opinion on the flyers they make.

Impressions, engagement, attribution, last click,

Measurement isn’t that simple, could it be all a trick?!

Facebook, Trello, TikTok and Slack

How the hell do you keep on track?!

Designers are designing, making it all look great

The copywriters are moaning, they’ve got enough on their plate

You see, marketing is a blend of science and art,

Strategies and planning - pass me another chart.

Commercial & creative, all rolled into one,

Marketers that are good, do it well, make it fun!

With in-house and agencies all playing their part,

Attracting paying guests – come on guys - it’s time to restart!

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