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  • Anisha Dayalji

What role does marketing play in the hotel industry?

What do you think of when a person says they ‘work in marketing’?

In general, marketers make customers aware of your products or services, engages them, and helps them make the buying decision.

But what about in the hotel business?

For hotels, marketing plays a very unique role in supporting their commercial success. At its core, the marketing team help to maximise a hotels bookings and revenue. They use different marketing strategies to promote the hotel, attract customers, and sell the services.

Today, a lot of hotel marketing strategies have moved online and a digital strategy is essential to maintain the brands online existence. This includes being active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to having a presence on Google and other search engines.

The marketing team also work closely with other hotel departments. From sales, revenue management, front office to F&B and the leisure team. Don’t forget about the external agencies and business partners too. No wonder they’re always so busy!

However there’s a difference between marketing for a big hotel chain and a small independent. The objectives are the same but the methods will differ due to resources and budget.

If you’re a small hotel how do you let get in front of your target audience? What methods can you use to shout about your brand?

Let’s take a look at the different roles the marketing team plays and how you can use them at your hotel.


You could have the best hotel in the world but if nobody knows about your brand, what’s the point?

Building your hotel’s brand awareness will result in attracting new guests and encouraging repeat customers.

That’s where the marketing team come in. They make sure information about your hotel and services are easy to find and up to date.

Whether you’re a chain hotel or a small independent will determine how you attract potential guests.


An easy way to increase your brand awareness is to have an online presence. Create a digital marketing strategy that incorporates different platforms. You could try the following ideas for your hotel.

  • Creating a user friendly website with a booking engine

  • Invest in PPC and SEO tactics to help your online search ranking

  • Pay for adverts on travel sites

  • List your hotel on OTA’s

  • Being active on social media platforms

  • Build an email marketing list

You could also try more traditional marketing tactics such as direct mailers and printed leaflets. This especially works well for local geographic target audience and are an extremely cost-effective method.

If you’re interested in implementing these hotel ideas, give our team a quick call to discuss, click here.


The hotel industry is fiercely competitive therefore brand awareness alone will not be a marketers only objective.

Appealing to different target audiences using promotions is also a key for success.

They are a great way to boost bookings and awareness – especially during the months when business is slower.


  • Direct booking promotions

  • Online competitions

  • Discounts during seasonal periods

  • Gift vouchers

  • Coupons

  • Partnership promotions with local restaurants and attractions

Keep in mind that promotions are a good tactic but your target audience needs to see them. Promote them on your social media channels and ensure your search engine optimisation is strong too.


Acquisition is important for generating repeat customers for any hotel business, but the real profit comes from keeping them. Another important role for hotel marketers is to build a relationship with existing customers.

Not only do repeat customers spend more, they’re also cheaper to target. To keep your guests coming back you need to understand their motivations and cater to them.

Repeat business only happens when customers have a good relationship with the brand. Not only will they visit your hotel again but also promote your services through word-of-mouth and social media.

They’re a great wat to create a stable revenue base.


  • Customer loyalty programs - reward customers who regularly visit

  • Offer them access to sales before everybody else

  • Include extras in their room when they book again

  • Referral scheme

  • Online points system

Customer retention today requires a lot more effort and technological investments. It has been reported that hotels that focus their resources on maintaining a greater guest service have noticed a higher number of satisfied loyal customers.

Why is marketing important for hotels?

For any hotel, marketing plays a key role in building the brand, attracting new customers and maintaining loyalty.

They need to ensure that hotel brand awareness exists so that guests will use their services repeatedly.

Remember, repeat customers are profitable and easier to target. But let’s not forget new customers, your marketing strategy must be split between the two to be effective.

With these hotel ideas and marketing strategies in place you’re one step closer to success!

For help with your hotel’s marketing, get in touch with our team today.

Call 0330 133 4459 or email the team at

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